Your online guide to capital campaign success. 

Capital Campaign Factory provides you with a range of free tools and resources that will assist you with every step of the campaign process. 

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The Process

Take a closer look at what a capital campaign is and the 6 key elements involved.


Providing you free interactive 'Redi' tools designed to evaluate and build key elements of your campaign.


Save time and gain knowledge by downloading our ready to use templates, guides, and checklists.

News Feed

Stay informed with the latest capital campaign news from around the world. 


Stay connected and informed with our members only Q&A forum. Post a question or provide an answer today!


See what members are saying about Capital Campaign Factory.

"Capital Campaign Factory (CCF) is a fantastic resource for anyone considering a capital campaign or even for experienced ‘capital campaigners’. In an area of fundraising that combines both the ‘science’ and the ‘art’ of major donor solicitation, it is great to have a site that makes the science of capital campaigns easier to understand.
I’m particularly impressed by the tools that are available at CCF. They’re so easy to use but provide clear and accurate reports that are a great foundation for a successful capital campaign.
We have already made CCF a ‘must use’ website for all of our consultants. We also recommend it to all of our clients. It’s a winner!"

Looking for information about Capital Campaigns? You've found the right place!

Capital Campaign Factory is dedicated to providing you with the all info you need to confidently plan, manage and assess your capital campaign fundraising. 

We have produced a range of tools and resources designed to help you build and assess the key elements of every campaign including the feasibility study, strategy and planning, case for support, leadership, prospects, and the ask.

At Capital Campaign Factory you can stay up to date and connected through our information sharing areas, learn about what's on in your area through our events page, and we can refer you to an approved Capital Campaign consultants in your area. 

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International Capital Campaign Summits

Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, 2013 / 14

CCF is currently seeking local partners for the presentation of a Capital Campaign Summit in your region. This is a summit of like-minded professionals seeking to extend their knowledge and experience of successful capital campaign strategies and tactics. It is not a Conference, it is not a seminar.  It is a forum for bringing together fundraising professionals.

For more information visit the Events page.