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A typical capital campaign raises a large percentage of the target from a relatively small number of donors. Despite this, a campaign must have an extensive list of prospects who are screened, prioritised, and rated throughout the campaign process. The prospect list is an evolving document that will grow and change throughout the campaign as prospects are identified and qualified. 

Some of the many sources prospects for your campaign are: 

  • Your donor database. Current and past major donors, corporate supporters, and affluent or influential donors are all campaign prospects, regardless of the size of their previous donations. 
  • Your campaign leaders, committee members and other key campaign volunteers should assist you in identifying and qualifying prospects.  
  • Business listings, wealth analysis sources and journals.
  • Internet databases and searches. 
  • Subscription research services.

There is now a vast amount of information made readily available on the internet allowing thorough prospect research profiles to easily be created. While this level of research requires a high resource allocation it is essential: good research will allow you to qualify and screen your prospects, and it will equip you with the information required to tailor your asking materials and method.

The Prospect Engagement Cycle that illustrates the 5 stages required to transform a prospect into a donor.